NACCRRAware Navigation and Data Entry


Navigation is best done using the mouse. Just click the desired field with the left mouse button and start typing for text fields, or make a selection from the drop down list or check boxes. As an alternative, use the <Tab> key to move to the next field, or <Shift> <Tab> to move back one field. Use Arrow up and down keys to change drop down lists and use the Space bar to select and deselect check boxes. To view or select from the drop down list, move the cursor to the down arrow to the right of the list and left click.

It is possible to navigate completely throughout NACCRRAware using only the navigation within the program. It is not recommended to use the browser's <Back> button.

Date Fields

Enter dates as MM/DD/YY, MM-DD-YY, MM/DD/YYYY, or MM-DD-YYYY, except when building queries. When building queries, use all four digits for the year. Only dates can be entered into a date field. An error will occur if you enter any text or an improper date.

Drop Down Fields

Click the down arrow on the right hand side of a drop down list to view the selections (values) in that list. Click on the desired value to select it. Only one value can be selected from a drop down list.


Check Boxes

Select check boxes by clicking in one or more of the desired boxes; a check mark will be placed in the box. To deselect the value, click into the desired box again to remove the check mark from the box.

Pick Lists

Pick Lists are also called multi-select drop down fields. The list of values is shown and multiple values can be selected from it. To select one value, click on the value name. To select additional values hold down the Control key on your keyboard as you click on each additional value. To select multiple values listed in order, click the select the first value, hold down the Shift key on your keyboard, then select the last value in the list. All values between those selected will also be selected.

Integer Fields

Integer fields will only allow numeric values to be entered in whole numbers. If you try to enter text or other characters an error will occur upon saving.

Deleting Text

Deleting characters or fields must be done using the <Delete> key or the <Backspace> key. Simply highlighting an item using the mouse and pressing the <Space Bar> will not work from within NACCRRAware.


Persons with any security level are able to view the client, provider and community pages. Only persons with a security level of "Create & Modify" or higher are able to change data on these pages. Those with Read Only access may appear to be able to change data, but the changes will not be saved.

Hidden Fields

Hidden fields will not be displayed on the data entry pages, so that data cannot be entered in these fields. If you do not find a field that you think should be on these pages, contact your System Administrator to see if the field has been hidden.

Saving Data

To save the information on any given page, activate the <Save> button at the bottom of each page OR select one of the menu items on the left. Either action will cause the data entered and/or updated to be saved, and will also move the user  to another page. Activating the <Save> button will move the user to the next page in the sequence, whereas selecting one of the menu items will move the user to the selected page. If the current work should not be saved, simply select another main menu from the top list and the data will not be saved. Please be sure to save the current page before going to another Main Menu item.