Utilities: Mail Merge

Creating Label and Mail Merge Folder

The Mail Merge and Mailing Labels functions expect particular files names to be in a specific folder (directory) named NaccrraFiles on the workstation's C: drive.  It is possible for users to utilize unique file names and folders on the hard drive, but will need to locate the datasource on the templates. The label and mail merge directions assume the user has the created the correct folder and is using the designated file names. The following directions create a folder called NaccrraFiles on the c drive.
  1. Go to my computer
  2. Moving the cursor to the right hand side of Explorer, which presents the contents of a drive or directory, but do not place the cursor over a file or otherwise highlight a file.
  3. Right click the mouse.  
  4. Select New.  
  5. On the next menu, select Folder.  
  6. A folder will appear on the right hand side of Explorer and will be called New Folder
  7. Erase that name and call the folder NaccrraFiles. 
  8. In the directions below, users will be directed to save files to this folder. 
NOTE: Users not creating the NaccrraFiles folder or naming the files the names in the directions below may need to complete extra steps to locate the data source for the template.


Mailing Labels/Mail Merge Templates

Download the desired templates by going to Utilities> Labels/Letters. The files need to be downloaded to the local machine once, unless the file is accidentally deleted, or a new version of NACCRRAware requires a change. Version 3.0 requires downloading new templates. The first time, download all of the desired formats to the local computer for future use.  Download them to a file named c:\naccrra\mailmerge. To download files to the computer:

  1. Right Click on the desired file name, for example: ClientAvery5160
  2. Choose Save Target As……
  3. In the Download dialog box, change the directory in the Save in box to c:\NaccrraFiles
  4. Click on Save.
  5. Once the download is complete, click Close.
  6. This file has now been saved to the local computer and can be used for the following steps.

The next step is to create a current dataset. This is done through Standard Reports for Providers and Clients and through Custom Search and Reports for Community Labels.  


  1. Open Reports>Standard

  2. Go to Active or Inactive Listing for Client, Provider or Community (inactive not available for community)

  3. If a specific sort of the labels is desired, for instance by zip code for bulk mail, choose the appropriate sort order under Report Parameters. 

  4. Also under Report Parameters, place a check in the box <Create text file.>

  5. To create labels on all active or inactive records, click <Run> and continue to step number 11.

  6. To create labels for a selection of providers or clients, choose <Run with Query>

  7. On the Reports Field Selection page, place check marks in the fields that identify the selection desired. For instance, mark Type of Care to create labels for active family child care.

  8. After all fields have been checked, click <Next> at the bottom of the screen

  9. In the Query builder, choose the criteria used to select the specific records.

  10. When the query is built, choose <Run Query> (Note: To save this query for later use, type a name in the Search Name box and click <Save Query.>)

  11. The listing will appear.

  12. In the upper right corner of the box, right click on Download Data File

  13. Choose Save Target as..

  14. A dialog box will open.Change folder/directory to c:/NaccrraFiles

  15. In the name, type: 

  16. Make sure the File Type is listed as All files.

  17. Press save


The last step is to open the template and merge the data into labels. Use the following directions to create a mailing label file for printing

Word 97/2000 Directions
  1. Go to My Computer.
  2. Locate c:\NaccrraFiles.   
  3. Double click on the correct label file (for example ProviderAvery5160.doc).
  4. Microsoft Word will open and the label file will appear.
  5. Go to Tools
  6. Choose Mail merge
  7. Click on Merge
  8. Choose the output for the merge printer, new document or other. Choosing printer will send the labels directly to the printer. 
  9. If New Document is chosen, a second document will be created, although the template will reappear. Navigate windows to find the new document. Save the new document and close the template unmodified. 

Word XP Directions
  1. Go to My Computer
  2. Locate c:\NaccrraFiles.   
  3. Double click on the correct label file (for example ProviderAvery5160.doc).
  4. File Conversion-addressdata box will appear.  Use the Windows Default.  Click on OK
  5. Microsoft Word will open and the label file will appear.
  6. Go to Tools
  7. Choose Letters and Mailings
  8. Click on Mail Merge Wizard. 
  9. A menu box will appear on the right. 
  10. Under Select Recipients, use an existing list will be check marked.  Under the use an existing list, be certain that the correct mailing list is selected (client_address_data.doc, provider_address_data.doc or community.doc).  If not, click on Select a different list and choose locate the correct file. 
  11. At the bottom, click on the arrow to the left of Next: Arrange your labels and move to the next step. 
  12. At the bottom, click Next: Preview your labels and move to the next step. 
  13. At the bottom, click Next: Complete the merge. 
  14. In the middle of the box, under the title Merge, click Print…
  15. After printing, close out of the document. Do not save or Save As and save as another name so the template is not modified.